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Exhibitions stand design and production

Projects in more than 90 cities of more than 35 countries

Escato Int has 3 decades of experience creating and providing custom exhibition stand designs for trade shows, congresses and for all sorts of events.

We provide a global service all around the world and our bespoke booth designs have been awarded in London, Berlin, Moscow, Madrid and Mexico several times. Our main production facilities are located in Europe (Valencia, Madrid and Barcelona in Spain) and North America (Mexico City in Mexico). Escato Int is active part of the most important associations in the events and exhibits industry in the world, so we will always know who is the right company to partner for your project.

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Global service by Escato Int

Strong focus in AV content with interactive experiences and digital signage

we have designed and produced spaces in more than 90 cities of more than 35 countries.

Our team will advise and help you to design and build tailored stands appropriate for your needs and we will strive to exceed your expectations. Our project managers have extensive experience bringing out the best from our internal and external teams (carpentry, graphics, structures, audiovisual, logistics, purchasing, etc) thanks to their international experience.

Starting from a needs briefing and your target budget, our inhouse team of designers and project managers will prepare a detailed design and quotation without any obligation.

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The highly qualified group of people in Escato is efficient

If you have had problems in a trade show far away from your city or even your country, you know how important is to get solutions in critical situations when you do not have enough time. The highly qualified group of people in Escato is efficient and has the material needed when something unexpected happens.

Joana Bover
CEO, Bover

Our confidence is so big that we have been also developing some other kind of projects

We participate every year in 2 or 3 international Fairs in Europe and Hong Kong, and we have been developing our projects always with Escato since 2007 with great results. Our confidence is so big that we have been also developing some other kind of projects with them like some shops in Spain or France with fantastic feedback from our customers.

Ignacio Sebastià
Export Director, Mantra

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We provide a comprehensive service since all of our designers are project managers and vice versa, so we will never design a stand that cannot be built. We understand the design of stands as a process totally linked to our client, being fundamental collaborating closely with you and being aware of what you let us do.

We strive to give you the best solutions

and for this we like to follow the next steps:

Creative inspiration

We seek to define the general aesthetic that is pursued by sharing ideas, photos, freehand drawings, etc. It is a first step that will mark all the others, so we must focus on hitting the message that is intended to communicate and hitting your aesthetic preferences.

Rules and regulations

It is the time to study in depth the regulations of the congress center, fairground, hotel, soccer stadium, etc. and even more (if possible) with the new regulations on social distancing that are being defined.

Layout / distribution

We start making an initial plan in CAD which will be raised in 3D, in such a way that from the first minute we are generating essential material to guarantee that your stand is buildable anywhere in the world. The spaces and their distribution, the guest flow and of course the location of your space in the fairground are taken into account. At this point it is important to start defining the spaces for interactive, audiovisual and immersive elements.


We start with the design itself combining all of the above since at this point we must already have a clear first proposal in our head.


There are many details to take into account at a stand design process and many of them must be clear already, however, time must be spent studying graphics and lighting, materials, colors and corporate elements, etc.

Detailed quotation and its variants

If after all this, you decide to work with us, then it begins, or rather continues because the constructive part has been made clear previously, the project management part. Our experience tells us that a fundamental factor in the success of a stand lies in the coordination and clarity of information for the entire team. Our project managers know our internal teams and our partners perfectly, being capital a collaborative environment where we all give the best of ourselves while enjoying our work.

Global service

Spaces in more than 90 cities of more than 35 countries. 


Exhibitions stand design and production in Barcelona


Exhibitions stand design and production in London


Exhibitions stand design and production in Mexico


Exhibitions stand design and production in Moscow


Exhibitions stand design and production in Madrid


Exhibitions stand design and production in Valencia


Exhibitions stand design and production in Berlin

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