.Best stand by World Exhibitions Stand Awards

Escato Int designed and built this project at WTM London, Fitur Madrid and ITB Berlin for Promotur Canary Islands and was awarded by: 

World Exhibitions Stand AwardsBest Stand at a Travel and Tourism Event 

WTM London  

Fitur Madrid  

.Generating emotions

With the main objective of generating emotions linked to the characteristics of the Canary Islands as a tourist destination, a space has been defined whose lighting and audiovisual contents revolve around 3 axes: 


-volcanic origin 

-endemic vegetation 


The design of the pavilion combines the nature of the islands (waves, sea, dunes, forest, volcanic landscapesetc) with an extraordinary ease of flow for the guest to enjoy meetings surrounded by state-of-the-art technology thanks to our AV Content Lab team.  


More than 200 sqm of LED screens (transparent holographic and curved) and several interactive motion-recognition elements created an immersive experience, making guests feel as in the Canary Islands, even thousands of kilometers away from them. 

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